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Story about ``JOPHIEL``

Our concentrate Line of product called ``Jophiel``, stands for flexibility and adaptation to different symptomatology hair and scalp.

High concentrations of active ingredients in their formulations obtain a fast and effective result. These treatments, along with the line of recommended application, achieve maximum performance of each of the products and treatments. We create an exclusive trademark application in specialized centers with active hydrolysed 74% purity concentrated in vials prepared for PHARMACY and HAIR SPECIALISTS. Different from everything that exists in the field of beauty.

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Simple Procedure...

Jophiel keeps process very simple. it consist of active Mask, Pre-Shampoo and concentrated-serum

Our appointed hair salons across the region, CGG countries and MENA

with knowledge about non-toxic products, are best freinds of your health and beauty

Say goodbye to split ends, hair loss, damaged, dull and frizzy hair and welcome shiny, healthy, strong, flexible and soft hair.

  • Multiple ways of application
  • Allows customization according to customer treatment
  • It allows mixing and applying different active ingredients
  • Application versatility and flexibility
  • Safety assurance
  • Higher concentration of active ingredients
  • Reconstructive effect
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No greasy scalp
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Hair Salons and beauty related business, invited to use our product

We will deliver our instructional documents and videos to your door.

If you are interested to use our product, let us know, to prepare an appointment to visit by our beauty experts to explain all details the products and its applications.

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Read About Us

We are an international beauty company, based in Europe, Canada, Russia, and Middle East
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Hairdressing Salons

Appointed Hairdressing Salons can help you with our latest products, and you can be sure that your beauty and health will be served by special care.

Stories From Salon

Write for us and send the pictures of your best job in every week

We will publish the photos on your own name, in our social media and website. We will draw the best photo with most like and social media engagement, and will be rewarded by a gift or product reward.

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